Paddle Board




These inflatable race SUPs with 3 FINS are long, wide and narrow making them move freely through the water but also very easy to control.

This Paddle Board is incredible! Made of strong PVC plastic with INVOVATIVE DROPSTICHED thousand of polyester thread woven together which makes it sturdy and durable. The high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge is great and allows for faster inflation, you can adjust the paddle to the required length. Perfect for the lake, river and ocean, you can enjoy surfing with your family and friends. Comes with a storage backpack, you can pack your paddle board into the provided backpack to transport or store it to anywhere you want. In a word, this paddle board is definitely a great value for its quality, you can buy it for other friends and family as a gift, couldn’t ask for a better product, you won’t regret it.

Large Capacity Board: When fully inflated, the size of board is 320 cm long, 76 cm wide and 15 cm thick. Made of strong PVC plastic, which makes it extremely stable on the water. The three fins in the back can add more stability and manoeuvrability while paddling.

Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: The aluminum paddle consists of 3 pieces, it is fully adjustable, you can adjust the paddle length according to your needs for comfortable use.

Easy Storage & Transportation: After wholly deflated, the paddle board is easy to be rolled up to put back in the storage backpack without taking up too much space, and it can be stored in a car trunk, wardrobe, boat locker or under a bed.

What You Get: 1 × Paddle Board, 1 × Adjustable Aluminum Paddle, 1 × HandPump, 1 × Removable Central Fin, 1 × Coiled Ankle Safety Leash, 1 × Repair Kit, 1 × Storage Backpack, 1 × User Manual.

Material: PVC
Inflation Pressure: 11-18 PSI
Max Weight Capacity: 150 kg
Dimensions: 320cm × 76cm × 15cm

Package includes:
1 × 10.6 ft Inflatable Paddle Board
1 × Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
1 × Hand Pump
1 × Removable Central Fin
1 × Coiled Ankle Safety Leash
1 × Repair Kit
1 × Storage Backpack
1 × User Manual